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Digital Printing

Digital printing offers high quality and endless possibilities. Suitable not only for traditional color separations, our computer-driven inkjet printers can also be used to print non-separated color images onto heat transfer paper.  The heat transfer paper can then be viewed independently or transferred onto fabric. Our high resolution images produce bright eye-popping colors superior to many other digital printing technologies.  Flags, banners, soft signage, photo images, backdrops, pet products, and novelty items that would have been cost prohibitive in small runs are now possible with digital printing.

In addition to sampling prior to rotary screen printing, digital inkjet printing also makes short-run production feasible by omitting the expense of engraving screens. This process offers great versatility and can be used to print traditional all-over repeats.  We also can provide a few dozen or a few thousand pieces. In order to increase efficiency and production, our digital process combined with our transfer capability can provide finished garment pieces ready for the cutting table.  If you don’t have the capability of preparing digital inkjet files, our art and design department here at Hampton can complete your artwork and prepare it for printing.

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