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Art files can be sent to use using a variety of methods. Below are several different preferred file transfer sites with detailed file specifications.

File Formats accepted for all applications:
Indexed tiffs – file extension is .tif and image mode is Indexed Color. For images that will be engraved, use no more than 16 colors. The Indexed tiff format, allows individual colors to be custom matched. A resolution of 254 pixels/inch or 100 pixels/cm is recommended for art files. For very fine detail, use 508 pixels/inch or 200 pixels/cm.
Acceptable multichannel .psd and Grayscale tiffs, where the multichannel .psd file has a color channel for each separate color and the grayscale tiffs are generated from the multichannel file. You can supply the multichannel file and let us generate the grayscale tiffs. If you send the grayscale tiffs, please send the multichannel file as well so we have all the colors together in one composite file for reference. The colors will be shaded according to your specifications. This file-format is most useful for designs where colors fall on top of each other in a photo-realistic design.

File Formats accepted for “digital only” printing:
Acceptable raster files include Indexed tiffs (see description above), Grayscale tiffs (see description above) or Other tiffs (Image mode may be RGB, Lab, CMYK). High resolution jpegs are not recommended because Jpegs are a “lossy” compression format, but we can convert high resolution jpegs to the type of file we need. Resolution is commonly 300 dpi or higher. For photographic files or images that will be significantly scaled up, higher resolution may be needed.
Acceptable vector files include .pdf, .ai (adobe illustrator) or .eps (encapsulated postscript).
Acceptable color specifications include Pantone Numbers, Fabric Swatches or CAD Printouts.
Setup charges apply for each color separation that is custom shaded.
You can use our HTP File Upload utility on this page or any of the following file transfer apps:

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