About us


Hampton has been serving the textile industry since our founding in 1975. We are known for our quality printing, outstanding customer service, and highly trained professional staff. Using the latest textile printing technology, we reproduce our customer’s exclusive designs onto fabric for a variety of industries; apparel, hospitality, camouflage, and other specialty markets. We can print directly onto fabric with pigment dyes, or sublimation print using traditional rotary screens or digital technology onto many different substrates.

Our Success

Hampton Textile Printing depends greatly upon teamwork and a productive partnership between our associates, suppliers, customers and the environment. All levels of our management strive to promote employee moral and teamwork. We believe that it is our duty to provide the highest quality service and products possible.

Grupo 260

Green Printing

Hampton Textile Printing has been committed to reducing our carbon footprint since our inception in 1975. We are always seeking better environmental paths to make our processes kinder to to the environment, sustainable and ever aware of our responsibility to our community.

Our inks are aqueous(water) based allowing us cleanup with no chemicals.

Clean and filtered water is returned to our city supplied system. We recycle our cooling water to wash our equipment.

Have a computer controlled return dye system that reuses dye to create other colors.

Operating an in-house waste water treatment system that cleans and filters our water to remove dye particles.

We use timers and electronic control shut off valves to conserve water.

We use paper made from sustainable and renewable sourceswhich are Forest Stewardship Council (FS) certified.